Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a gourmet kitchen in order to have a Personal Chef?
No. All you need to have in your kitchen is a working oven and storage space in the freezer. I can provide all of the additional equipment and utensils to complete your menu items.
What if I don’t have a kitchen suitable for a private cooking lesson?

Not a problem…you can come to the kitchen I use!

Can the dinner party be interactive?

Yes!  I am happy to cook in front of your guests and talk about the food and cooking techniques. This type of party is a lot of fun and everyone can see how the food is prepared.

What if someone has a specific dietary restriction or food allergy?

I can accommodate most food allergies and dietary restrictions. I can usually tailor recipes to omit specific ingredients if necessary.

Do you come to the dinner party dressed in a chef’s uniform?

Yes, I do!

Do you bring the groceries?
Yes. The cost of the service includes all the grocery items. I do the shopping the morning of the cook day and bring everything to your house.
Are you licensed and insured?


Chef School was really TOUGH...